Simic Mica Capacitors are crafted using the finest quality Indian ruby muscovite mica, meticulously chosen to ensure optimal electrical characteristics. These capacitors exhibit exceptional stability even under high temperatures, making them highly reliable.

To construct these capacitors, mica films are screen printed with a special silver paste and interleaved with metal foils for contact, resulting in stacked layers. The terminals, composed of copper-clad steel wire with a copper coating offering at least 30% conductivity, are carefully attached to the stacks. A tin coat finishing is applied to enhance solderability.

To provide enhanced protection, the clamped unit undergoes a vacuum dipping process with epoxy and is conformally coated with epoxy powder. This enveloping technique imparts high resistance to moisture and heat, ensuring the longevity of the unit.

The careful selection of raw materials, combined with continuous monitoring of equipment and fabrication processes, guarantees a consistently high level of quality that aligns with the stringent requirements of sophisticated electronic equipment.

We also offer

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Metallurgical bonding

Thin coat (single dip) for high installation density

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